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Zenfolio seo review

Websites for Photographers provides SEO services for existing Zenfolio customers so that your ideal clients can find you easily on Google all the while making the site maintenance and monthly workflow process as painless as possible for you so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Getting found by your customers on Google can be difficult in a saturated market. Even when they are looking for exactly what your selling, there's a lot of things to obscure the view. Oh deer, there is something in here I just know it. Wish I could find it easily Does it suit your goals? Overusing them? Once the SEO changes have been made, an additional monthly maintenance fee will be charged to continually monitor your account for the life of your website. You may cancel this service at any time.

But how long will it take to see results? It depends. Every case is different. SEO can be explained in two parts: Optimization and Authority. Optimization makes it possible for search engines, like Google, to find and understand your site connecting it to the right audience. Authority has to do with the ranking of your site. Good content creates greater linking and sharing opportunities.

Google then takes notice of this activity and ranks your site higher over time. Any internet marketing agency that tries to guarantee you results in a quick time frame should not be fully trusted. No web marketing company, myself included, can guarantee any specific results.

Zenfolio Review

I do NOT guarantee results. However, I have proven methods that have worked for myself and my clients… that is what I can do for you!

Given this information and on average, it takes a little over 6 months to see notable results. My persistence and experience in this field is what will build a solid foundation for your websites SEO. It is worth noting that you will have to provide content for your website on a regular basis. There are no SEO shortcuts that will help your site rank higher if you do not publish new content to your website on a scheduled timeline.

This includes written text most important and photographs somewhat important. This will help your website hold its position in organic searches for the future.

zenfolio seo review

It is also highly recommended that you have an active Instagram or Facebook Account set up for your business. The first thing to do is to fill out the service request form on the Contact Page. Please let us know what genre of photography you shoot as well as what type of service that your are most interested in.

We will send you an email so that we can schedule a phone appointment to talk about your specific needs. This way we can decide whether or not our services are a good match for your business. Websites for Photographers.

Zenfolio SEO Websites for Photographers provides SEO services for existing Zenfolio customers so that your ideal clients can find you easily on Google all the while making the site maintenance and monthly workflow process as painless as possible for you so you can spend more time doing what you love.Your Website Score is. Similar Ranking Latest Sites Top Technologies. Moz Rank 4. Charset Encoding. Title Tag 60 Characters. Meta Description Characters. Zenfolio photography websites make it easy to showcase your work, attract new customers and sell your photos and services with an online gallery and shopping cart.

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Stumbleupon Total: 0.Recently, I gave Zenfolio a try for a small project after receiving a few reader questions. There are so many considerations to take into account when choosing a website builder — and really, there are a thousand ways to get what you want in the end in terms of functionality, convenience, pricing, etc. In the long-term, it affects your versatility, functionality, and, of course, your brand. On the wide spectrum of website building solutions, Zenfolio lives on the end that is all-inclusive and provides everything you need to get started and grow your photography website.

I wrote a post on Website Builders, Explained for more background. Using Zenfolio is sort of like leasing and customizing an apartment in a really classy development instead of buying and owning your own house.

As far as competition, Zenfolio competes with all-inclusive hosted website builders like WeeblyWixSquarespaceGatorand WordPress. Compared to their competition, they focus on providing an all-in-one solution that includes everything photographers need to grow their business, from modern templates that are easy to customize to ecommerce features that allow you to sell photos directly from your site.

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Instead of operating like a traditional drag-and-drop website builder, Zenfolio has you select from a menu of options around what type of photography you do, then gives you a selection of recommend themes that you can switch out later. This structure appeals to beginners who have no design or development experience and who want an easy way to get their photos on a good-looking website ASAP.

Zenfolio offers a day free trial for those who want to give the platform a test run, or you can select the features you need, and Zenfolio will recommend a plan for you. You have a website. They offer a ton of built-in functionality and features that cover everything from selling your photos to seeing website statistics to sharing private galleries with clients to marketing your website through emails, coupons, etc.

But of course, no review would be complete without looking at the downsides. Every piece of software will have complaints. Here are the cons I found with using Zenfolio.

And you can really see this trade-off with the Zenfolio website builder. The convenience of their design setup is great. It puts your focus solely on getting your photos into a premade template. If you wanted to create something more custom to showcase your photography, the design limitations can be pretty crippling. I mentioned earlier that getting set up with Zenfolio is incredibly simple — and it is.

But Zenfolio leaves much to be desired when it comes to learning how to use the platform to its fullest. There is so much you can do with it.

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The only problem? As soon as I signed up, I received an email with three steps to get started, but the instructions were pretty basic. If you find general use products that have good enough photographer features but focus on general use cases, then I would look closely at that solution ie, with other builders. For example, Zenfolio SEO options are fine.

They are focused on being the best bundled option for photographers. So, if you are decidedly a pure-play photographer, then this con is really a pro since Zenfolio will only make the features that you like, even better.Zenfolio began its life, curiously, in a coffee shop, and since then, the company has grown into an award winning company and one of the leading photography website builder platforms in the industry.

Zenfolio allows anyone to easily create a stunning photography website where they can share, showcase and sell their works. It also allows you to take advantage of numerous features -- such as SEO, marketing tools, and even free e-books and guides -- that can help you widen your reach, grow your online presence and run a successful online photography business.

zenfolio seo review

Zenfolio is more than just a simple photo hosting website; it is an incredibly feature-packed, award winning photography website builder platform that can help photographers of all skill level build a website and grow their personal brand online.

One of the great features that can help you grow your photography business is Photographer Central, which is one of the mostcomprehensive directories for professional photographers where people who need photography services look through.

This is designed to generate more traffic to your website so that you can increase your presence as a professional photographer and book more jobs. With Zenfolio, you can also open up your own online photography shop. You can, for example, sell mugs, stamps, pillows, keychains, and many more, with your photos printed on them. If you want to be ahead of the eCommerce curve when it comes to photography, Zenfolio might just be the ticket.

At Zenfolio you can make an incredibly gorgeous, professional website that meets your professional photography demands with ease, thanks to a large range of customizable themes to choose from, as well as the numerous useful features on tap.

You can, for example, customize photo slideshows with music, easily customize page layouts and individual elements, create your own theme using the Theme Designer, upload your own custom logos and more. Beyond building and customizing a website, a professional photographer also needs a good internet presence and a healthy stream of followers or fans to grow his business and brand in the market.

Zenfolio provides a lot of relevant features to its users that can help in this regard such as blogging, SEO, social media sharing, client galleries and eCommerce.

There are all sorts of features such as customizable slideshows with music, a photo blog, SEO, access controls with passwords, client galleries, the ability to sell your prints and products, and even free iPad, Android, and Blackberry apps.

What's the Verdict on Zenfolio? A Must Try. Zenfolio is a rock solid option for both amateur and professional photographers alike, thanks to the fact that it provides a combination of both a photography portfolio site and a full-featured eCommerce site.

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More than that, it also provides a platform that lets you easily build a sleek and modern photography website without ever needing to learn how to code, as well as a host of other incredibly useful features that will surely take your photography to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Zenfolio now if you want an award winning experience! The SEO on the website sucks. I have noticed this as well, and if i could rewind I would restart my website with another company. Looks like I will have to wait untill next year. What's the Verdict?Zenfolio is a portfolio web builder designed for photographers.

It uses e-commerce features to showcase and sell photographs and photography services worldwide. It uses a simple drag-and-drop web building format to make it really easy for beginners to customize the pre-existing templates with their own work. Photographers can grow their business with Zenfolio thanks to several marketing tools, such as automated email marketing and SEO friendly pages. You can also automatically optimize your site for mobile phones and tablets. Every Zenfolio account comes equipped with a customizable portfolio website, unlimited galleries, and integrated shopping carts.

It also has a host of marketing tools, such as SEO, blogs, email marketing and more. It also appears on our list of TOP website builders this year. But should you choose Zenfolio? How much does it cost?

And is it really the best web builder for photographers? Read on for everything you need to know about this web builder.

Because of this, the dashboard can appear overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Luckily, Zenfolio has excellent tutorials to help customers get the most out of the features available. Even with the free trial, Zenfolio comes equipped with plenty of fantastic web building features. - SEO Checker

In fact, the sheer number of tools can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Having said that, Zenfolio has some excellent online tutorials to help you. There are 13 templates and 53 themes to choose from. The range is quite varied and gives you a decent amount of choice. You can create your own theme. Once you have the basic design sorted, you can start integrating your photos and videos into galleries. But the most useful one we found is Photo Uploadwhich allows you to upload photos from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to your Zenfolio site.

Photoshop is almost universally considered the best photo editing software available, so having a plugin that connects Photoshop Lightroom to your Zenfolio site is an invaluable tool.

Alternatively, you can import your own domain name across. ZenfolioPress is another useful plugin that lets customers link their WordPress account to their Zenfolio portfolio. This allows you to embed thumbnail photos of customizable sizes into your WordPress site. Of course, one of the main things photographers will want from a web builder is the ability to protect their work from being used without payment. Luckily, Zenfolio has you covered, as you can apply watermarks onto your work to protect it from being stolen.

It is not available on the Starter kit. You can also protect your galleries with passwords. This means that only the user can edit, delete or modify the photos and galleries. And if someone types the incorrect password a certain number of times, that person would be unable to access the gallery for a period of time.Any support is greatly appreciated! Best Website Builder for Small Business. Best Website Builder for Photographers. Only esteemed sources like journals or academic associations are used for study or research references in the content.

Readers must be informed about any disagreement of interest regarding referenced studies or research. At this day and age, being a photographer and not having a website to either display or sell your workor even present yourself in front of potential clients is, well… Bad. Zenfolio is a niche-oriented website builder. If that's not what you're looking for, then check out more adaptable website builders, such as Squarespace and Zyro. TL;DR : Zenfolio is a decent website builder for photographers.

The builder allows you to both display and even sell your work, while also providing the functionality to create hiring pages, galleries, and everything in between. While there are very few templates for the customer to pick from, the ones that exist are mobile-friendly.

First things first, though - we should probably talk about the actual target audience of Zenfolio. To put it simply, Zenfolio is going to provide users with some amazing visual-building tools and features. The best time to build a stunning website is now! Well, hey - I agree with you completely. That said, imagine if you one day decide to actually start growing your site to a fully-fledged eCommerce platform. Such website builders include Zyro and Squarespace.

Truth be told, as far as feature variety is concerned, you can rest assured - Zenfolio is going to provide you with all that you might need.

By extent, website builders that have great eCommerce features are surely on the top of the popularity chartstoo. Frankly, it makes perfect sense.

zenfolio seo review

This is especially true with photography-related websites. Or perhaps even taking some commission work? The only other rational option here is to pick a website builder that has eCommerce functionality from the very get-go. In all honesty, Zenfolio does actually have a pretty significant collection of different eCommerce-related features to offer to the average customer.

Good quality templates are crucial for your site to be successful. All of the templates offered by Zenfolio are modern and well-designed - they look great, and are actually quite simple to customize and make your own.

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On top of that, they are also mobile-friendly - needless to say, this is an extremely important point. Mobile-friendly templates are essential nowadays simply because many people are using the internet and browsing through various sites on their phones.

Zenfolio does offer its users templates that are great in regards to both their overall functionalityand also when it comes to mobile-friendlinesstoo. Still, there are a couple of quirks that seem to pop up every once in a while among customer feedback left online.

While it is true that the templates that are available with Zenfolio are modern and well-designedthere are quite a few customer Zenfolio reviews that mention how little the choice pool for these templates actually is.

In total, I could count 13 templates for the users to pick from. Also, it kind of takes away all of the originality of the site creation process. I was quite keen on seeing what it is that they meant, and sure enough - I now know. All things considered, I must say - price tags like these sure do make Zenfolio one of the more affordable website builders in its category!

You see, the builder does possess quite a few useful qualities - it has a ton of features for you to check out, allows you to create everything from galleries and portfoliosall the way to eCommerce platformsand possesses some high-endmobile-friendly templatestoo.For a successful career in photography, a photographer needs not only to be excellent at taking photos but also have a stunning platform for showcasing their work.

Luckily, thanks to website builders such as Zenfolio, photographers can easily create stunning photography websites even if they do not have any knowledge of coding HTML.

Zenfolio Website Builder Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

With that said, this post provides an in-depth Zenfolio review to help professional photographers learn about this site builder, and thus, determine if it is right for them. Zenfolio website builder is a photography portfolio site builder that enables photographers to create stunning websites where they can display, share, and manage communications with existing customers.

Apart from that, users can access an e-commerce functionality that allows them to create online stores to sell their works. Launched inZenfolio is now used by overphotographers across the planet and is preferred due to its accessibility. About that, one only needs to sign up on the platform and proceed to create stunning websites in simple clicks and maneuvers. As said before, registering on Zenfolio is amazingly straightforward. However, this tool still falls short as far as usability is concerned.

See, even though this web creating tool is comprehensive and has excellent functionalities, how one can leverage these great capabilities is not clear.

Upon signing up, one receives an email containing 3 simple steps to help with the onboarding. Nonetheless, despite the overall good intention and effort, the instructions are basic and offer nothing tangible to work with. Photographers can use Zenfolio at no cost for a trial period of 14 days. Better yet, it is not necessary to avail any credit card information to access the same.

Over the two weeks, one can access all features provided by the platform, try out various customizing options, and work with multiple templates. After that, if happy, a user can upgrade to any of the offered paid plans. Against the fees of other web builders, Zenfolio pricing is pretty competitive. It is especially the case when one considers the tons of features they access with the various plans. Photographers who are after an uncomplicated portfolio site or better customization should consider another builder.

There is no point in overpaying if one does not necessarily require the characteristics which set Zenfolio apart from the rest. One thing that really stands out about Zenfolio is the fact that anyone can use it to build an amazing website in minutes- with no prior experience required. Once you pick a plan and create your account, the builder will propose a template depending on the kind of photography you do. Unlike most websites which offer limited space for users to store and display their shots, Zenfolio gives its users unlimited working space right from the basic plan.

Zenfolio charges an affordable fee for the features that it offers. You get better value for money with Zenfolio than with regular website builders. Zenfolio websites are automatically optimized for use on mobile. Zenfolio also helps users access lots of free Android, Blackberry, and iPhone apps they can utilize in photo management. Depending on the plan you choose, you will enjoy free single or multi-pack or discounted listing of your work to an extensive directory of other photographers in different genres known as photographer central.

This platform is a great place for users to connect with new clients.

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You can sign up for the fourteen-day free Zenfolio trial to see how it works before you commit. Dedicated phone assistance is only given to users on the advanced package. However, you can get live chat customer service as a pro member or email assistance on the low tier plan.

Customers who buy yearly plans save significantly as compared to those who opt to pay month by month.

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